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Reserve Now
To reserve your Motorcycle Rentals, there are four steps. Each Rider will need to complete this process.

If there are any questions, or something you do not understand, please call us at (360) 241-6500 . We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

1. Fill out the Rental Application below. Also be sure to include your Delivery Location.
2. Click on the Check Box and then Click on "Terms and Conditions". Please Print it out, sign it, and have it ready when we drop off your motorcycles.
3. Make your Rental Deposit by clicking on "Deposit Click Here", and following the Deposit instructions.
4. Each driver will need to get Motorcycle Insurance for their Rental. For assistance with that we have provided a link.

Rental Rates are: 2-6 days @$139 per day, 7 days or more @$129.
A Deposit of $200 is required (this locks-in your rental period).
Pay by major credit card only. We use PayPal (it is our credit card processor), you may also call us at 360-241-6500.
We exclusively Rent 650 V-Stroms fully equipped for Touring the Northwest. All V-Stroms in the fleet come with RKA luggage, which includes 50 liter saddle bags, 36 Liter Rack Bag, and a 19 Liter Tank Bag. This set up is the best for this region of the country, period. Does it all and get's great gas mileage as well have fun.

1. Rental Application

City, State Zip ,
Pick up Date (example: 2/15/07)
Drop off Date (example: 2/22/07)
I intend to ride solo with passenger
2. I have read the rental agreement and agree to the Terms and Conditions governing rentals. As a Rider/Driver, I am an experienced, responsible and healthy motorcyclist with a Valid Motorcycle Endorsement or License.
Delivery Location

   All bikes must picked up and dropped off at same
   location unless otherwise pre-arranged.
Hotel and/or Local Address where V-Strom is to be delivered.

4. Get Your Motorcycle Insurance

1. Simply click the Link below and Purchase the Required Insurance for your Adventure.
2. Enter Policy Number 201071 in the application link.
3. Purchase in 24 Hour increments
4. Bring printed copy with you or we can print it for you.

Congratulations! You are all done, and ready to go!