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Northwest Motorcycle Adventures presents
our Season Opener "Bridging the Gap" ride.

Beginning in the beautiful Rose City, "Bridging the Gap" blends the urban, exotic and unique into a two day, one night Moto-excursion that explores the western hinterland of Oregon and Washington.

Day One takes travelers from city views to seascapes, traipsing along paved logging and secondary state routes until reaching the sandy shores of a secluded beach house on a scantly populated island. From there we rest for the night in a cabin with modern comforts, in a remote setting. Whether you want to hit the hay or stay up late swapping stories near the fire, the sounds of waves lapping against the shoreline will never be out of earshot.

A light continental breakfast will be provided in the morning, consisting of farm fresh eggs, juice and coffee. We depart the island via the only ferry operating along the lower Columbia River, heading back towards the beaver state. From there we throttle towards the sleeping giant that looms due east: Mount St. Helens, were we ride along its craggy cliffs and towering bluffs to the supposed homelands of Sasquatch.

"Bridging the Gap" is more than just a ride, it is a chance to explore a region still steeped in mystery. Whether you like hairpin turns or pictures' view points, "Bridging the Gap" will ignite your riding passion.

Limited spaces are still available so contact Doug to reserve your space.
Come ride with us.

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Northwest Motorcycle Adventures Tours will provide the following:

  • Tank bag maps
  • Light snacks
  • Professional tour guide
  • Lodging accommodations
  • A champagne toast along the scenic Columbia River
  • Breakdown assistance via a twelve passenger van and trailer
  • Digital photographs of your adventure on a CD
Doug 360-241-6500   ·       ·   

Suggestion: #1
Motorcycle Journeys through the Pacific Northwest This suggested two or three day adventure can be found on page 18 and is Trip 1 of a book called (Motorcycle Journeys through the Pacific Northwest) and is written by Bruce Hansen, you can obtain this book on this site just click here.
In a hurry go to your local book store and buy one there I am not getting rich selling you this book nor is Bruce the main point is to see people get out and start an Adventure they will soon not forget.

Here is a snippet of the suggested Trip:
"The best and most varied types of riding available in the entire Pacific Northwest: riverside highways, narrow rural byways, canyon side twisties, relaxed, arid, two-lane sweeping turns, running along travel perfect motorcycle roads near Condon, smooth sweeping turns running along gravel mountains, old, carefully-engineered historic highways, a few miles blasting interstates."

This is a long ride we suggest you take three days although it can be done in two we prefer that rides stay under 180 miles a day this leaves a safety margin for you and allows you the rider to soak it all in.
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